Azerbaijani shelling kills 3 civilians in Tavush, Armenia

On September 24, Azerbaijani Armed forces shelled the border villages of Tavush region of Armenia with mortars. As a result 3 female civilians were killed and 4 villagers were wounded.

In Paravakar, at about 16:00, an elderly women 83-year-old Paytsar Aghajanyan was killed from an artillery fire.

In Berdavan from 17:00 to 18:00 2 women were killed, 41-year-old Sonya Revazyan and 94-year-old Shushan Asatryan another 2 were wounded, the latter’s daughter Arpik Maralchyan, born in 1953 and 31-year-old Armen Hakhverdyan.

In Aygehovit at about 17:30 two residents were wounded from artillery fire. Gurgen Simonyan, born in 1931, and Nune Shahnazaryan, born in 1970.

Source: 1 2 (in Armenian)

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