The situation on the frontline of Artsakh; updated news. 06.04.2016


Razminfo has made the list of losses on Azerbaijan’s side from April 1, 2016, up to this day, including the list of soldiers killed and identified, as well as the types and amounts of military equipment destroyed.

The number of killed and identified Azerbaijani soldiers known to is 48. It is important to notice that the number of enemy’s soldiers killed is much greater, but the list includes only the names of identified soldiers.


Shushan Stepanyan

During the two days of fights contract serviceman Marat Petrosian has destroyed 3 of enemy tanks with a Fagot due to accurately targeted shots. In the unit of south-east direction he is now known as “Master”.

Details from the frontline in the next number of “Hay zinvor” (Armenian Soldier).


RA Ministry of Defence spokesman has published 4 more names of Armenian killed servicemen:

  • Hakobyan Rafik
  • Mkrtchyan Narek
  • Sahakyan Sargis
  • Abrahamyan Aram



Today , on April 6, at the government session RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan announced that yesterday’s ceasefire agreement was reached between the Chiefs of General Staff of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenian “Armenpress” agency informs:

  • Azerbaijan’s military actions were unprecedented, also in the context of Artsakh war. Minister Seyran Ohanyan said: “The actions of Azerbaijan were unprecedented firstly from the military point – intensity of fire all along the contact line, military equipment applied, the amount of involved forces and means, the closeness of their armed forces to the frontline, as well as the great number of their human losses”.
  • “The information about some settlements being under the enemy’s control is far from being true. The villages of Talish and Nor Seysulan are under NK defense. In the south, north and in the center, as well as in the flashpoint of the conflict the control and initiative are in the hands of the Defense Army units”- the Minister said.


Armenian information site “Hetq” has talked to Defense Army serviceman, antiaircraft shooter Gevorg Manukyan who had shot down the second enemy helicopter. Let us remind that during the fights of April 1-5, Armenian forces shot down 2 military helicopters of Azerbaijani armed forces.


The bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers
The bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers

Defence Army website has published the photographs of Azerbaijani soldiers killed at the fights of April 2-5 (the time and place of taken photographs is not defined)


Defense Army website informs: This night on the contact line of Artsakh the agreement about ceasefire reached on April 5, 12:00, was mainly preserved.


The pieces of destroyed UAV belonging to Azerbaijany Armed Forces. Photo by Arshak Zakaryan
The pieces of destroyed UAV belonging to Azerbaijany Armed Forces. Photo by Arshak Zakaryan

Arshak Zakaryan has published the photos of a destroyed unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to Azerbaijan. As A. Zakaryan mentioned, it was a ‘kamikaze-UAV’ (this type of unmanned aerial vehicles flies and falls on the target in order to destroy it).


In order to inform Azerbaijanis about the losses of their armed forces Razminfo has published the next list of Azerbaijani soldiers killed in the fights between April 1-5. For the complete list in Armenian check here.


Brief: Losses of Azerbaijan Armed Forces in the fights started on April 1 (based on the data delivered by Defense Army press center on April 5)

  • 24 tanks
  • 1 TOS-1A flamethrower
  • 1 BMP (infantry fighting vehicle)
  • 6 armored cars
  • 1 engineer car
  • 1 “Grad” volley fire rocket complex
  • 2 helicopters
  • 12 unmanned aerial vehicles

The number of killed Azerbaijani soldiers whose names are known to Razminfo (the number of unknown losses is much greater)

  • 44 servicemen, of which 12 warrant-officers


Brief: Losses of Armenian Armed Forces in the fights started on April 1 (based on the data delivered by Defense Army press center on April 5)

  • 29 killed soldiers, of which 7 warrant-officers
  • 101 injured, of which 20 warrant-officers
  • 28 missing
  • 14 tanks
  • 4 BMPs (infantry fighting vehicles)

According to the data delivered by Defense Army press center on April 5, Armenian forces have recovered the borderline as it was on April 1. There are no Armenian positions under control of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

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