Reference (report) about the losses between April 2-5 – RA Ministry of Defense

RA Ministry of Defense website has published a reference (report) about the deceased during the military actions between April 2-5.

Military losses

During the military actions on the direct contact line with the enemy between April 2-5,  64 army servicemen and 13 militia and reservists died (77 deceased)

  • 15 officers
  • 15 contract servicemen
  • 34 mandatory servicemen
  • 11 militia
  • 2 reservists


  • 1 officer – Argishti Gaboyan

Non-military losses

The total number of losses between April 2-13 because of escalation of tension on the border is 15 deceased/dead

  • 9 army servicemen
  • 2 militia
  • 4 civilians of Artsakh killed in the result of criminal actions by the enemy

Total number of deceased/dead – 92

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