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Sisian squad volunteer dies after having been injured in a drone strike

Karo Hambardzumyan, member of Sisian squad that had left for Artsakh, was wounded by enemy’s drone on April 4 in Martakert region. After about two weeks of struggle for Karo’s life, the doctors were not able to save him. took this information from the “Vorotan” website.

Karo Hambardzumyan  Photo from the "Vorotan" website
Karo Hambardzumyan
Photo from the “Vorotan” website found out that Karo Hambardzumyan was born in 1959 in the village of Vaghatin, Syunik region. He was buried at the pantheon of Sisian on April 20.

Let us remind that several days ago Armen Hovhannisyan, another wounded volunteer of Sisian squad, had passed away too.

Reference (report) about the losses between April 2-5 – RA Ministry of Defense

RA Ministry of Defense website has published a reference (report) about the deceased during the military actions between April 2-5.

Military losses

During the military actions on the direct contact line with the enemy between April 2-5,  64 army servicemen and 13 militia and reservists died (77 deceased)

  • 15 officers
  • 15 contract servicemen
  • 34 mandatory servicemen
  • 11 militia
  • 2 reservists


  • 1 officer – Argishti Gaboyan

Non-military losses

The total number of losses between April 2-13 because of escalation of tension on the border is 15 deceased/dead

  • 9 army servicemen
  • 2 militia
  • 4 civilians of Artsakh killed in the result of criminal actions by the enemy

Total number of deceased/dead – 92

Minister Ohanyan visited Artsakh

As reported by RA Ministry of Defense website, on April 8 RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan paid a working visit to Artsakh. There he met head of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan and Defense Army commander Lyova Mnatsakanyan.

Issues concerning the large-scale aggression of the last few days unleashed by Azerbaijan were discussed at the meeting. Special emphasis was put on expanding and deepening of close cooperation as a key factor for strengthening Armenia’s defense capacity and maintaining regional stability.

During the visit Seyran Ohanyan had a meeting with the Defense Army command staff as well. During the meeting such issues as the operative situation on the border, issues related to adjustment of plans in the framework of cooperation and priority tasks were discussed. The head of RA defense department expressed his considerations about the abovementioned issues.

Situation on Artsakh frontline: operative newsfeed; 08.04.2016

Fights between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces were started on the night between April 1-2 by Azerbaijan with application of 152mm flamethrowers, tanks, reactive volley fire stations and military aviation.

In the afternoon of April 5 the sides agreed to stop firing. However, even after the agreement Azerbaijani armed forces fired several times in the direction of civilian settlements. The newsfeed is constantly updated for the latest news of the day.


In his Facebook page Vice -Prime Minister of Artsakh Arthur Aghabekyan writes that the contributions made on to the special account opened by Artsakh government will be directed exceptionally towards purchase of armament for the armed forces.


Another post by Arthur Aghabekyan presents the total sum of money gathered on the account:

  • AMD 891 583 119
  • USD 63 707
  • EUR 1938
  • RUB 11 238 600


OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs at the RA Ministry of Defense
OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs at the RA Ministry of Defense

RA Ministry of Defense website:

On April 8 RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan received Minsk Group Co-chairs Igor Popov, James Warlick and Pierre Andio. Personal representative of OSCE Chairman Andrzej Kasprzyk was also present at the meeting.

During the meeting Seyran Ohanyan emphasized the fact that despite Armenia’s readiness to be involved in the deterrence of the enemy through right targeting and taking control of new favorable postions, Armenia still confides in negotiated settlement of Artsakh confrontation.

The Minister of Defense has stressed the importance of consolidating any ceasefire with a legally binding agreement as a prerequisite of weakening the armed conflict.


Azerbaijani blogger residing in Germany, coordinator of oppositional website Habib Abdullayev, updating the list presented by him on April 7, has presented Azerbaijan’s losses – 66 killed and 5 missing, although the data includes some inaccuracies. Comparing the data with those of, we present the verified list of Azerbaijan’s losses including 66+7 names among which – 1 colonel, 1 lieutenant colonel, 5 majors, 2 captains, 5 senior lieutenants and 3 lieutenants. The majority of the listed are servicemen of special and intelligence forces.



RA Ministry of Defense website:

To respond promptly to the questions of citizens the following round the clock telephone numbers operate in the RA Ministry of Defense:

  • About the health of army servicemen – 010 29 46 25
  • Questions about military personnel – 010 29-44-25, 010 29-45-57,
  • About the social problems of army servicemen and their families – 010-20-64-59
  • About military law violations – 010 77-05-80
  • For contact with media – 010 29-46-99, 010 29-46-38


In the morning the artillery guys in the north of the frontline treated us with a cup of coffee.

Posted by Edik Baghdasaryan on Friday, April 8, 2016



RA Investigation Committee’s website has presented the details of military car crash near Armash: On April 8, at about 11:00 am , the “Ural” belonging to N unit of RA Ministry of Defense came out of the carriageway of the road to Armash in Ararat region and fell into a gorge  for about 200 meters.

Among 11 army serviceman in the car mandatory conscript Vardan Matevosyan died at once, 6 were taken to Ararat medical center with different traumas. The other 4 army servicemen were not hospitalized. Garrison Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee of the Eighth ZKGV initiated a criminal case based on Paragraph 2 of Article 377 of the RA Criminal Code (Violation of operating or driving rules of military, special or vehicle machinery with negligently causing human death). The place of accident was examined. The causes of the crash are being investigated.


Armenian “Mediamax” news agency informs: according to the agreement with the Azerbaijani side today, between 15:00-20:00 search operations of bodies of killed soldiers will be carried out in the north and south sections of Artsakh frontline, at the same time maintaining a regime of ceasefire. This was confirmed by Defense Army spokesman Senor Hasratyan. He mentioned that the process is coordinated by the International Committee of the Red Cross and field assistants of personal representative of OSCE Minsk Group.


UAV destroyed by Defense Army
UAV destroyed by Defense Army
UAV destroyed by Defense Army
UAV destroyed by Defense Army
UAV destroyed by Defense Army
UAV destroyed by Defense Army

Defense Army press service informs: on April 7, 23:00, Defense Army antiaircraft forces destroyed another attacking unmanned aerial vehicle of the enemy in the sky of Artsakh.


RA Ministry of Defense spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan has published the names of 44 army servicemen killed in Artsakh between April 2-8.


On the night between April 7-8, the enemy has opened fire at the positions and civilian settlements in the RA regions of Gegharkunik and Tavush…

Posted by Արծրուն Հովհաննիսյան on Thursday, April 7, 2016


Defense Army press service informs: on the night between April 7-8, along the whole line of contact between the Armenian and Azerbaijani armies the enemy kept on violating the ceasefire agreement. More intense firings were recorded in the north direction (Talish), causing the death of a contract private, Hrach Muradyan, born in 1983. Several soldiers are injured. In the Northeastern section of the frontline, in still unknown circumstances, private soldier Ashot Mghdesyan, born in 1996, got a deadly gunshot wound.


Hours ago Azerbaijani blogger residing in Germany, coordinator of oppositional website Habib Abdullayev has published the list of Azerbaijan’s losses, including the names of 64 killed and 4 missing, although the data includes some inaccuracies. Comparing the data with those of, we present the verified list of Azerbaijan’s losses including 61+5 names among which – 1 colonel, 1 lieutenant colonel, 4 majors, 2 captains, 5 senior lieutenants and 2 lieutenants. The majority of the listed are servicemen of special and intelligence forces.


Defense Army website has published the list of 36 Defense Army servicemen killed while defending their homeland during military actions on Artsakh frontline between April 2-5, 2016.

(Updated) Names of 36 army servicemen who died defending their homeland: Defense Army

Defense Army site has published the names of Defense Army servicemen who died defending their homeland during military actions on the contact line with Artsakh between April 2-5.

  1. Tigran Abgaryan, private, 1996-2016, Gyumry
  2. Aram Abrahamyan, private, 1996-2016, Armavir region, Artimet
  3. Vladimir Alikhanyan, private, 1996-2016, Dilijan
  4. Aghasi Asatryan, private, 1996-2016, Masis
  5. Aznaur Balayan, contract serviceman, private,1987-2016, Hadrut region, Mokhrenes
  6. Hrach Galstyan, Senior Lieutenant, 1991-2016, Gyumri
  7. Sasha Galstyan, junior sergeant, 1996-2016, Metsamor
  8. Davit Gasparyan, senior warrant officer, 1979-2016, Stepanakert
  9. Norik Gasparyan, sergeant, 1996-2016, Kapan
  10. Hayk Grigoryan, lieutenant, 1995-2016, Artsakh, Martuni region, Gishi
  11. Benyamin Yeghoyan, senior lieutenant, 1992-2016, Yerevan
  12. Vahe Zakaryan, private, 1995-2016, Hrazdan
  13. Vardan Tadevosyan, conctract serviceman, private, 1990-2016, Hadrut region, Haykavan
  14. Hayk Toroyan, major, 1985-2016, Yerevan
  15. Gor Kirakosyan, private, 1996-2016, Armavir region, Arevik
  16. Hovsep Kirakosyan, captain, 1988-2016, Armavir region, Apaga
  17. Rafik Hakobyan, private, 1996-2016, Aragatsotn region, Karmrashen
  18. Davit Hayrapetyan, private, 1997-2016, Gegharkunik region, Zolakar
  19. Henrik Ghahramanyan, junior sergeant, 1996-2016, Masis
  20. Hrant Gharibyan, contract serviceman, private, 1947-2016, Stepanakert
  21. Hovsep Mayilyan, major, 1978-2016, Hadrut
  22. Nodarik Margaryan, contract serviceman, lance-corporal, 1963-2016, Martakert region, Mataghis
  23. Aramayis Mikayelyan, private, 1996-2016, Armavir region, Voskehat
  24. Gegham Mkrtchyan, contract serviceman, private, 1986-2016, Martakert region, Vank
  25. Narek Mkrtchyan, private, 1996-2016, Syunik region, Vorotan
  26. Rudik Movsesyan, major, 1976-2016, Stepanakert
  27. Viktor Yuzikhovich, private, 1997-2016, Gyumri
  28. Vladik Narinyan, junior sergeant, 1996-2016, Artsakh, Martuni
  29. Armenak Urfanyan, captain, 1990-2016, Yerevan
  30. Gharib Sahakyan, contract serviceman, senior sergeant, 1987-2016, Hadrut region, Togh
  31. Sargis Sahakyan, private, 1995-2016, Hrazdan
  32. Never Simonyan, contract serviceman, senior sergeant, 1990-2016, Hadrut region, Taghaser
  33. Kyaram Sloyan, private, 1996-2016, Aragatsotn region, Artashavan
  34. Meruzhan Stepanyan, senior lieutenant, 1993-2016, Gyumri
  35. Gevorg Vardanyan, private, 1996-2016, Gyumri
  36. Yuri Paramazyan, sergeant, 1996-2016, Artsakh, Martuni

(Updated) The list published by the Defense Army does not include the names of the following servicemen and freedom fighters, announced earlier by RA Ministry of Defense spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan:

  • Harutyun Abrahamyan
  • Ruben Iskandaryan
  • Gagik Melkonyan
  • Sasun Mkrtchyan
  • Vrezh Sargsyan
  • Sargis Khalafyan (freedom fighter) is trying to get official explanation in this connection.

The situation on the frontline of Artsakh; updated news. 06.04.2016


Razminfo has made the list of losses on Azerbaijan’s side from April 1, 2016, up to this day, including the list of soldiers killed and identified, as well as the types and amounts of military equipment destroyed.

The number of killed and identified Azerbaijani soldiers known to is 48. It is important to notice that the number of enemy’s soldiers killed is much greater, but the list includes only the names of identified soldiers.


Shushan Stepanyan

During the two days of fights contract serviceman Marat Petrosian has destroyed 3 of enemy tanks with a Fagot due to accurately targeted shots. In the unit of south-east direction he is now known as “Master”.

Details from the frontline in the next number of “Hay zinvor” (Armenian Soldier).


RA Ministry of Defence spokesman has published 4 more names of Armenian killed servicemen:

  • Hakobyan Rafik
  • Mkrtchyan Narek
  • Sahakyan Sargis
  • Abrahamyan Aram



Today , on April 6, at the government session RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan announced that yesterday’s ceasefire agreement was reached between the Chiefs of General Staff of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenian “Armenpress” agency informs:

  • Azerbaijan’s military actions were unprecedented, also in the context of Artsakh war. Minister Seyran Ohanyan said: “The actions of Azerbaijan were unprecedented firstly from the military point – intensity of fire all along the contact line, military equipment applied, the amount of involved forces and means, the closeness of their armed forces to the frontline, as well as the great number of their human losses”.
  • “The information about some settlements being under the enemy’s control is far from being true. The villages of Talish and Nor Seysulan are under NK defense. In the south, north and in the center, as well as in the flashpoint of the conflict the control and initiative are in the hands of the Defense Army units”- the Minister said.


Armenian information site “Hetq” has talked to Defense Army serviceman, antiaircraft shooter Gevorg Manukyan who had shot down the second enemy helicopter. Let us remind that during the fights of April 1-5, Armenian forces shot down 2 military helicopters of Azerbaijani armed forces.


The bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers
The bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers

Defence Army website has published the photographs of Azerbaijani soldiers killed at the fights of April 2-5 (the time and place of taken photographs is not defined)


Defense Army website informs: This night on the contact line of Artsakh the agreement about ceasefire reached on April 5, 12:00, was mainly preserved.


The pieces of destroyed UAV belonging to Azerbaijany Armed Forces. Photo by Arshak Zakaryan
The pieces of destroyed UAV belonging to Azerbaijany Armed Forces. Photo by Arshak Zakaryan

Arshak Zakaryan has published the photos of a destroyed unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to Azerbaijan. As A. Zakaryan mentioned, it was a ‘kamikaze-UAV’ (this type of unmanned aerial vehicles flies and falls on the target in order to destroy it).


In order to inform Azerbaijanis about the losses of their armed forces Razminfo has published the next list of Azerbaijani soldiers killed in the fights between April 1-5. For the complete list in Armenian check here.


Brief: Losses of Azerbaijan Armed Forces in the fights started on April 1 (based on the data delivered by Defense Army press center on April 5)

  • 24 tanks
  • 1 TOS-1A flamethrower
  • 1 BMP (infantry fighting vehicle)
  • 6 armored cars
  • 1 engineer car
  • 1 “Grad” volley fire rocket complex
  • 2 helicopters
  • 12 unmanned aerial vehicles

The number of killed Azerbaijani soldiers whose names are known to Razminfo (the number of unknown losses is much greater)

  • 44 servicemen, of which 12 warrant-officers


Brief: Losses of Armenian Armed Forces in the fights started on April 1 (based on the data delivered by Defense Army press center on April 5)

  • 29 killed soldiers, of which 7 warrant-officers
  • 101 injured, of which 20 warrant-officers
  • 28 missing
  • 14 tanks
  • 4 BMPs (infantry fighting vehicles)

According to the data delivered by Defense Army press center on April 5, Armenian forces have recovered the borderline as it was on April 1. There are no Armenian positions under control of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

Azerbaijan has applied mortars in the direction of Tavush region. One soldier wounded

Posted on April 5, 2016

Last night and this morning the armed confrontation was intensified towards the civilian settlements of Berdavan and Koti in Tavush region of Armenia, the North-Eastern part of the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani side has applied guns of various calibers against the border guard soldiers   and civilian settlements, as well as 60 և 82mm mortars – RA MoD reports.
As a result of the retaliatory measures undertaken by the divisions of RA Armed Forces the enemy’s activity has been suppressed. Contract soldier Zori Goris Ashrafyan (born 1983) was wounded by debris in crossfire shooting.

The Armenian Armed Forces deployed on the border continue keeping the situation under control.